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Immunocal Platinum
Immunocal Platinum

Immunocal Platinum is a Bonded Cysteine Dietary Supplement With Minerals and Creatine.

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Product Information

Until We Live in a Perfect World There is Immunocal Platinum
In a perfect world there would be no illness or disease. Viruses, germs and oxidants would simply have no interest in the human body. And of course we would never age… Unfortunately viruses, germs and oxidants do have a great deal of interest in our bodies, attacking with increasing frequency as we age. Pollution in the air we breathe, contaminants in our food and water as well as the stress that is our daily life create the ideal environment to host these marauders of our health and thieves of years of our lives.

The Paradigm Shifts
Until recently the medical establishment focused on treating the symptoms of illness. Surgery and prescription drugs flourished under this philosophy and the cost of healthcare has spiraled completely out of control.

At Immunotec Research Inc. we have turned this type of thinking completely upside down. The solution to a longer, healthier life is not masking the symptoms and ignoring their cause, but giving the body what it needs to function optimally.

The Human Body is a Wondrous Machine.
At the center of this miraculous phenomenon is the immune system, dispatching the necessary means to battle any and all invaders. The immune system is precisely where the scientists at Immunotec have focused their intense research and development.

Medical researchers concluded that a very small amino acid called Glutathione is the “workhorse” of the immune system. More than a decade of research led to the development of a product capable of naturally boosting levels of glutathione. Immunocal changed the way healthcare was practiced by providing the necessary building blocks the immune system needs to optimally perform.

Immunocal Goes Platinum
Research and development is an ongoing proposition at Immunotec. As new discoveries are made, they are incorporated into our existing technologies resulting in cutting edge products.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease

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